The Transcendence Process
7-Day Practice For Living at Life a Higher Level of Consciousness

This is a self study program and practice of seven daily audio lessons and meditations to lead you greater peace, clarity, creativity and purpose.  Learn the Four Steps to Divine Mastery, a framework for living your life in alignment with God, Your Higher Self, Truth and Love.

Listen to these lessons and meditations to experience a palpable shift in consciousness and see your life begin to change in miraculous ways in only 7 days!

Continue to use these meditations every day and experience an inexplicable change in your life to living in a place of grace and ease.  This is a simple process for living a life from the truth of who you are and finding genuine fulfillment.

This process if for those who desire to live a Divinely guided life, connected to their true self, as a fully integrated being who truly is human and Divine.

Click here for a Free Meditation on the 4 Steps.